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Mua sách Vietnam Under Communism, 1975-1972



Vietnam Under Communism, 1975–1982

Author: Nguyen Van Canh
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Based on his own experiences, extensive use of primary and secondary sources, and interviews with Vietnamese refugees who lived under the new order, Nguyen Van Canh analyzes the contemporary political and administrative structure of Vietnam and its leaders, culture, education, economy, and foreign policy.


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Vietnam Under Communism, 1975-1982

Nguyen van Canh

Reviewed by Donald S. Zagoria

Winter 1983/84


The author was a professor at the Saigon University law school and an active member of the Dai Viet, Vietnam's staunchly anti-communist nationalist movement. He provides a thorough account of the structure of Vietnamese society under communism, drawing both on official statements and on interviews with refugees. The picture that emerges is grim: Vietnam's "Bamboo Gulag" includes at least 50 "reeducation" camps with more than 126,000 inmates as of 1980-81. Particularly brutal is the treatment of former Catholic, Buddhist, Cao Dai and Hoa Hao leaders.


Title Vietnam Under Communism, 1975-1982

Nguyen van Canh



328 pp.